Welcome to the Xenogears 2.0 patch homepage.

After almost 10 years (the game was released in the US on the 20th of october 1998), here is a small patch I put together intended to enhance the Xenogears experience. The patch corrects a few flaws which occured during the localization process to bring the game to America... It is 370 mb big and requires Xenogears USA SLUS-00664/00669.


So what exactly is altered by this patch?

Note: there are no changes whatsoever to the script.

Xenogears 2.0 patch screen shots


Tools needed: WinRAR & CDRWin

The patch can be downloaded below:

  1. Once you have downloaded all parts of the patch, extract it using WinRAR to a folder of your choice.
  2. Now insert Xenogears USA Disc1 in your drive and launch CDRWin.
  3. You will see the following window : CDRWin1, click the "Extract Disc" icon (in red on the picture).
  4. Now you will see this window CDRWin2. Press the button right of the image filename (in red on the picture), call the image "XenoCD1.bin" (without quotes) and save it in the folder where you extracted the patch files in step 1.
  5. Then simply press the Start button on the bottom left of the CDRWin window and wait until the image is extracted successfully.
  6. Once done, remove Disc1 from your PC drive and insert Xenogears USA Disc2.
  7. Repeat steps 3-5 above but call the image "XenoCD2.bin" this time.
  8. Once done, you should have the 2 images in the folder containing the patch files: XenoCD1.bin (size 718'738'272 bytes) and XenoCD2.bin (size 688'700'880 bytes).
  9. Almost done! Now execute "PatchCD1now!" (by double-clicking on it) and wait for the patched image to be created (it can take several minutes depending on your PC specs). Then when done, execute "PatchCD2now!" and wait for the 2nd image to be created.
  10. You now have 2 new files: XenoCD1patched.bin & XenoCD2patched.bin.
  11. You can then launch your favorite burning tool (or CDRWin since you have it installed by now) and burn those 2 images using the provided .CUE files (XenoCD1patched.cue & XenoCD2patched.cue). You're done!


I would like to thank everyone involved in the Xenogears Italian translation patch [SadNES cITy] for their hard work and house-made tools and especially Sephiroth 1311 for providing me with those tools and informations that made it possible for this 2.0 patch to exist. Truly he is the brains behind this whole project. Stefano, thanks again for your time and great emails :D

Thanks also fly out to lavender (lightning fast + awesome design skills!), Blizzje for beta-testing, weltall for translating my first mail to SadNES cITy and of course to the Project Noah team at SquareSoft.

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Xenogears screen shots